How to reset you Kindle 3, even if the slide doesn't work

Last week I posted on my broken Kindle. While attempting to reset my Kindle and try to get some life in it again, I searched on possibilities to reset the Kindle. The only possibility I could find is to slide the power button and hold it for 20 seconds. This will reset the Kindle. But what if it doesn't? There are a few more possibilities.

Warning: I really don't know if opening your Kindle will void your warranty. Know or avoid this risk!

The first step is to open your Kindle, like I did in this post. There are some interesting parts and some will give you the opportunity to reset your Kindle.


In this picture the following items are identified:

  1. The battery (held in place by two screws).
  2. The wifi adapter.
  3. The 3G wireless sim card.
  4. The reset button.
  5. The connector of the display.

Item 4 and 1 will help you. If you press the reset button (4) the Kindle will perform a hard reset. If this still doesn't work you last option it to disconnect the battery and reconnect it. This will definitely restart the Kindle.

Update 14 september 2012 (Thanks to Tim): If you are trying to reset the Kindle by pulling the battery, leave the battery out for a while. This way you'll be sure that there isn't any power left in the components of the device and there is a greater chance the Kindle will boot as it should.

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