How to reset you Kindle 3, even if the slide doesn't work

Last week I posted on my broken Kindle. While attempting to reset my Kindle and try to get some life in it again, I searched on possibilities to reset the Kindle. The only possibility I could find is to slide the power button and hold it for 20 seconds. This will reset the Kindle. But what if it doesn't? There are a few more possibilities.

Warning: I really don't know if opening your Kindle will void your warranty. Know or avoid this risk!

The first step is to open your Kindle, like I did in this post. There are some interesting parts and some will give you the opportunity to reset your Kindle.


In this picture the following items are identified:

  1. The battery (held in place by two screws).
  2. The wifi adapter.
  3. The 3G wireless sim card.
  4. The reset button.
  5. The connector of the display.

Item 4 and 1 will help you. If you press the reset button (4) the Kindle will perform a hard reset. If this still doesn't work you last option it to disconnect the battery and reconnect it. This will definitely restart the Kindle.

Update 14 september 2012 (Thanks to Tim): If you are trying to reset the Kindle by pulling the battery, leave the battery out for a while. This way you'll be sure that there isn't any power left in the components of the device and there is a greater chance the Kindle will boot as it should.


+10 # jay 2011-08-07 17:27
my kindle is frozen. It only gives black screen or boy under tree.
i opened my kindle, there was no reset button. that area was blank. The words reset were written on the pcb, but no button. I disconnected the battery, but there was no reset. It still toggles between the states i had mentioned earlier.
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+1 # Bas 2011-08-07 18:17
Hi Jay,

I'm sorry to hear that your kindle doesn't reset. The screen with the boy under the tree is the startup screen of your kindle. It's strange that the reset button wasn't in place, maybe you have a slightly different version than my kindle.

The description of the problem you're giving sounds like you have a software (firmware) problem with your kindle. Disconnecting the battery is a guarrenteed reset (it did, since the startup screen showed).

You can try to upload the newest firmware. That could solve the problem. Otherwise I'm alfraid the only thing left is to do is to call the helpdesk.

I hope this advise will help you.
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-3 # Joe 2011-09-28 11:14
Hi, nice job, but in my Kindle the reset button is also missing, there is only the text on the PCB. Battery disconnection did not solve the problem. Amazon wants me to call them (I am from Hungary) but I try to avoid this. Need to search more, maybe someone already cam up with a home-made solution...
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0 # Bas 2011-09-28 12:30
Hi Joe,

I'm sorry to hear that the reset button is mising. Of course you can always detach the battery and try if that will work. If it doesn't and a firmware update doens't help you should probably contact the Kindle helpdesk. If the guarrentee didn't expire they will come up with a good solution. In my case the helpdesk was really helpfull and they replaced my Kindle for free.

I hope you are able to repair your Kindle.
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-3 # sky 2012-02-02 04:04
hi. does diskonecting the battery wipe the books? do you know if duokan os voids the warenty? I have duokan on my kindle 3 and for a few days I have had to hold the power on slide a few seconds longer than usual. Now its just frozen. Also I dont have a reset button.
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+1 # Bas 2012-02-02 09:08
Hi Sky,

Disconnecting the battery will not wipe your books from the device. It's save to try. Of course opening the Kindle and touching the circuit board can expose the hardware to static electricity. Try to be cautious.

Your problem sounds like a hardware failure. There are also good alternative solutions if your warrantee has expired.

I don't know if installing duokan will void the warrantee.
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+4 # Melinda 2011-12-04 18:33
Hi! I did everything but my kindle still won't wake up. Not even disconnecting the battery worked. And when I disconnected the screen it still had the screensaver of Jane Austen on it. It won't move off of that screen saver. Also, there is no reset button on my kindle. Any idea what's wrong with it? Any help is greatly appreciated--I miss my kindle! Thank you!
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+1 # Bas 2011-12-04 20:07
Hi Melinda,

Sorry to hear that your kindle broke! The e-paper screens always keep showing the last thing the software told it to. It is possible that your kindle works, but due a hardware failure the screen can't be update anymore.

I'm afraid that you are experiencing some hardware failure and need to call the Amazon help-desk. I must say their service was really good. I hope you'll succeed in sorting this out with Amazon.

Good luck!

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+10 # Melinda 2011-12-08 16:45
It's ok! I fixed it! I bought the same model kindle but with a very broken screen on eBay for 20 bucks (and free expedited shipping, thank goodness) and then I switched the mother boards and now I have a kindle again! =)
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+1 # Bas 2011-12-09 06:58
Hi Melinda,

It's good to hear that you brought your kindle back to life. So it was a hardware failure.

Well.. this is a good solution for everyone that experiences the same problems with their kindle.

Thanks and happy reading!
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-1 # hardcase001 2012-01-15 06:05
I had the problem of not resetting, no charge light, just the welcome screen. I contacted Amazon and they said I was out of warranty and it would be $85.00 to replace. Ouch. So I took your advise and poppped the back off and found 2 screws had backed out of the motherboard. One sitting on a resistor and the other wedged in the bottom. I put them back where they belong and it's working like a champ. I wish all fixes were that easy.
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-1 # desiree 2013-05-29 20:39
How do you take the back off of the kindle 3?? Please help so I can have my kindle again!
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-1 # Julie Jbara 2012-02-04 01:12

Amazon NOT helpful with issue with my Kindle 3. Two weeks out of warranty and they want $65 to refurbish. Took off battery and Kindle does not appear to be powering down to reset.....When I plug in orange light comes on but no green light...Hardwar e issue? Thank you for your website. Not feeling quite as helpless as when I talked to Amazon....
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-1 # Bas 2012-02-04 09:56
Hi Julie,

You're welcome! I'm sorry to hear that Amazon didn't help you at all!

When you unplug the battery the screen won't reset. E-paper will keep displaying the same image until your Kindle draws another image.

How does your Kindle react when you use the power button? Does the green light show? If it does not you've probably got a hardware problem. Maybe Melinda's solution will help you. Well... as long as the screen doesn't refresh it is probably a hardware problem.
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-2 # Julie 2012-02-04 18:10
Hi Bas,

Thank green light. I think this goose is cooked.
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-3 # Andrea 2012-02-18 08:17
It works! I took apart my kindle 3 (which had been frozen for days despite countless times holding the power switch for 30 seconds), unplugged the battery, and toggled the tiny internal power switch a few times with an itty bitty screwdriver. After putting it back together, the screen said the battery was dead. A few hours later, after a full charge, it works as good as new! Thank you for this how - to! It saved my husband and I having to buy a new kindle.
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+14 # Joe 2012-03-18 23:54
Just wanted to give my two cents. My wife's Kindle 3 froze. I tried the standard resets and it did not work. I opened ours up and removed the battery and then reinstalled it and it still would not reset. Ours too did not have a reset button. What I did do was open the back and remove the battery. I then tried doing a reset to drain any power that could be stored on the board (We do this on CPU's at work to drain any capacitors). I then reinstalled the battery and hooked the kindle up to my CPU. Leaving the sync cable connected to my CPU, I held the power switch as described fora reset for close to 2 minutes. While plugged in, the Kindle restarted. When it did restart there was an exclamation mark on the battery. We have it charging now and all seems to be working. I will update this post if we have any other issues.
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-2 # Bas 2012-03-19 08:09
Hi Joe,

Thank you for sharing your solution! I hope that your Kindle will keep working.

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-1 # Grace 2012-05-18 22:05
How do you drain power on the board? I dont have reset button, i removed the battery and nothing happened. Please help!!!
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-3 # visitor 1 2012-12-07 19:08
I tried this on my wife's kindle 3rd gen after being froze for several months. No reset button also and also did not respond to holding the power button. We tried the reset with battery out nothing. We tried the 2 min reset with th knidle plugged up. Nothing. I noticed i didn''t get any green light unless it was plugged up. The screen was also stuck even with the battery out which seems wierd. So we let it charge for a few minutes and came back now the screen changes and will wake up when you slide the power button.
So thanks to you JOE.

I don't know if it was just froze due to a dead battery or what but it seems to work now. Someone commented earlier that the screen will stay on wahtever it was toll dto display last. Maybe that had something to do with the battery.

But anyway thanks maybe JOE's advise will help someone else too.
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0 # Bas 2012-12-08 09:18
Hi visitor 1,

I'm glad you were able to start the Kindle again!

It is true that the screen will stay on the last projected image, even without power. That is a property of E-Ink or E-paper (it's a feature, not a bug!). E-paper only uses power when it changes the screen. After the screen has been set to a certain page or image it will stay that way until it has to change again. Without a power source, the firmware will never change the image.

Thuis is why the batery lifetime of the Kindle is quite long (of course enabeling wifi or 3G will drain a lot of power).

More about it:
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+1 # John 2012-04-03 04:27
just wanted to throw in the alt+shift+r soft reset; most people are way past that but for me the hard reset was useless
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-2 # DaveMan 2012-05-15 05:31
Thanks man....removing the battery worked like a charm I saw the green light come on then she paused on the home screen in mid I plugged her in and she flickered once black then the startup screen came on again and started booting up no problem.

Thanks again for the help!!!
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+1 # Bas 2012-05-15 05:40
You're welcome! :lol:
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+2 # H K 2012-05-20 21:31
Thanks for this article and the related "Inside the Kindle 3". I had a problem with it being stuck in sleep mode and no amount of resetting helped. Since it is out of warranty, I figured I had nothing to lose by opening it up :) So, I took it apart like you described and it turned out that the display connector was loose. I stuck it back in, powered it on and voila, it came back to life! I can read again now :) Thank you!
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0 # I M 2012-05-23 00:18
I am having an issue where there are lines and a frozen half screen, and the regular reset does not work. I also have the model with no reset button. I have looked for loose connections but am not sure what to search for. Removing and resetting the battery hasn't changed anything on the Kindle, however, when I plug it in, the kindle shows up normally on my computer! I am able to drag and drop things to it, and explore as I would if it were working. Not sure what to make of this, but maybe the screen glitched and needs replacement? If anyone could shed some light that would be fantastic and much appreciated! Thank you
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0 # Alessa 2012-06-12 16:45
Hey, my kindle froze about 2 1/2 months ago and i havnt touched it for fear i'd ruin it further. I hvnt let it fall and have a kindle cover for it. But the kindle sadly was street bought so i cnt call costumer service since i dnt really know when it was store bought. I've opened it, taken out bat, i've soft and hard reseted it (my kindle dsnt have reset button also) Nothin. Even taking out bat the screen stays frozen. When i connect it to the pc the light turns orange and my pc dsnt read it. But the weird thing is i can still listen to music on it. I've read comments on pages that the screen is extremely fragile so they recommend checking the screen to see if it's cracked. Dnt knw wht to do since I pass most of my time reading and carrying my laptop around isnt very fun :/ it's extremely difficult to be buying kindles here in Puerto Rico plus a money waste.. if anyone finds a way to reset screen let me knw. I dnt want to have to take the whole thing apart.
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-1 # CWH 2012-06-29 15:57
Thanks for this, it gave me confidence to at least try to fix my Kindle 3. After working great and being used a LOT for nearly 3 years, it suddenly locked up HARD. It had occasionally locked before, but a reset (hold power button for 20 sec) always cleared it up, but this was different. I think my problem was a short or something like that. For a week or so, I had noticed a little rattling sound when I turned the device end over end. I thought it might just be the keys shifting because that's what it sounded like and everything was working fine. But after this serious issue, when I opened it, just using my fingernails, since screwdrivers tend to cut into these kind of plastic cases, I found two little screws rolling around inside! There was another loose that seemed stuck to something magnetic down by the volume switch, probably the unused microphone. After getting the screws out of the way, I found everything as described here and tried the internal reset button. It rebooted, as I had gotten it to even prior to opening it up, but it just went into a cycle of getting stuck after trying to set itself back up again and working for a couple minutes, then locking again. So, I tried the battery removal, which made me laugh at one point because the display stays on when there is no power source, a feature of how the e-ink screen works, I remembered. But while I got father than before after battery removal, it still keeps hanging, unfortunately. The frustrating things is that everything still TRIES to work, it just doesn't last very long. I put the screws back where they were supposed to be and checked all the others finding three more loose enough that they might have worked their way out in another month or so. I managed to get the Kindle to work long enough to save off all my content because my last resort was to do a Factory reset, which also didn't solve the problem. Woe is me...
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+1 # Neil 2012-07-09 17:25
Thanks for the tips. Got my Kindle open and took out the batt, but no job.

Mk kindle reacts to USB connect, and also alt-shift-r with orange light. To reconnect battery I get green light, after taking it out.

Originally my kindle died with half the screen refreshed, but both sides darker than usual. A full nights charge and I woke up with the kindle on the first bar of the reboot. The image never changed from that.

I am glad I exhausted all the possibilities.

Oh, I don't get any reaction from the PC when I plug it in. So no chance to update firmware.
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-1 # E 2012-07-22 15:08
My kindle has the enter password screen on but it won't let me type anything in and I tried to slide the on off button and hold it down but that didn't help. I also took the back off and found where it said reset but there is no button. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place but please help. I really love my kindle:(!!!
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0 # Ken 2012-08-04 02:46
My kindle froze and stay on the tree and boy picture. Can't wake up or do anything. I tried all ways to reset and still nor work. Slide power for 30 seconds, push reset button, and take battery out still froze. Connect to PC can't even find the device, and when I charge it, the light always yellow even after like 7-8 hours. I think that might be hardware problem. What part of hardware do you think may broken? Battery dead? Power switch broken? or Motherboard broken?
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+1 # Patrick 2012-08-14 09:29
I have a Kindle 3 (3G & WiFi) purchased in the U.S. A few months back I let the battery go completely dead and when I charged it, nothing happened. I did some research, couldn't find a solution (after trying to reset by holding the "on" switch), and talked to Amazon. They were friendly enough, but didn't walk me through anything which solved my issue. They did offer to send me a replacement Kindle for $85 but since I'm working outside the U.S., that isn't a viable option (shipping costs). I concluded that the battery must not be any good so I ordered a replacement (not from Amazon; they don't sell them!) which I had shipped to someone coming back to where I am from the U.S.

Today I changed the battery, but also happened to do something I should have done first: ask our IT guy to test the old battery. Well, the old battery is just fine which means I threw away $23 that I paid for the new battery. I've tested the new battery and it's registering 4.15 volts vs. the 3.7 required, but I don't think that's an issue.

The green light comes on when I hook the battery up again. No light come on when I'm charging the Kindle with my USB cable, but the battery checks as fully charged with a tester.

My Kindle has a reset button. I've tried resetting it while it's connected to the laptop and while it's not connected, but nothing changes. I backed up my documents folder and it doesn't disappear.

I also tried resetting by holding the power switch on for exactly 15 seconds and for longer periods of time, but no luck.

I have downloaded the new firmware and copied it to the root of the Kindle. However, since I can't turn my Kindle on, I don't know how to install the new firmware (which has a .bin extension).

Since I can see all my files and since the green light comes on, I'm thinking my issue must be simple, but I can't identify it.

Do you have any suggestions?

By the way, I've checked many, many sites and your comments and help seems to me to be the best that's out there!
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+1 # Bas 2012-08-15 16:31
Hi Patrick,

Thank you for the compliment! I'm alfraid the tips here aren't that many. Sometimes the Kindle is too far gone.

Good thing you didn't buy a new battery yet.I understand you can still access the files, but not the Kindle? This seems to happen more often (judging on the comments here and my own experience). I'm alfraid that if you have tried everything suggested here, there's not much more you can do.

The kindle that gave me the same problem "lived" for a short while again after leaving is without the battery for about two months (that is the same as making sure all the componenents are drained of power (as suggested somewhere in the comments). However the problem came back within days.

So you can try to buy a Kindle from Ebay closer to where you work and replace the motherboard. Or you are probably stuck using the kindle apps for your computer of phone/tablet until you are able to replace the Kindle.

If you stumble upon a solution, please let us know!

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0 # Bryan 2012-08-23 21:06
The other day my wifes kindle 3(keyboard) started freezing up. It took several resets to get it to even start to reboot.. At times it will show a bit on the progress bar then freeze up again, other times I can get it to boot up to the point where its cycling the book list again (sometimes freezes during that process or right after). But I cant get the kindle to stay running long enough to either do a factory reset, or take an update (at one point I was able to get it to take a manual transfer of ver 3.3 from the pc, but havent been able to get it running long enough to go into the menus and select update) Ive taken the battery out several times (no internal reset on this unit).Its almost 2 years old, so no warranty. When I do plug it into the computer while its frozen, I get the Windows needs to find drivers for SE Blank Ringo instead of it saying KINDLE found
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-1 # Bryan 2012-08-23 21:15
oh and to add, I do get the charging light when plugged in, the green light will come on at times, (when it is able to boot - fully/partially ) and I do get different screens showing at different reboots (again if its a partial one), just seems to be no rhyme or reason as to where its freezing up. Dont know if its a corrupt file, or book or what.
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0 # Bas 2012-08-24 11:10
Hi Bryan,

It's hard to determine without actually seeing the response on the Kindle. I'm afraid the problem that you have isn't corrupt data (file or book), but some hardware failure o battery failure. Especially since Windows wants to install the wrong drivers.

You can always try the solution that Melinda provided.

Maybe anyone here else has an idea?
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+1 # Bryan 2012-08-30 06:19
Well as predicted by my wife and myself, the Kindle is now working AFTER we purchased a new one.. I just left it sitting on my desk for the last few days doing nothing. Today I decided to plug it into my computer and attempt another reset. The reset took, it booted up, and I noticed the f/w went from 3.1 to 3.3 (at one point last week when it did boot up and stay booted long enough, I was able to transfer the 3.3 manually over to the file system), so I guess when it booted this time around it installed the update, I did a factory reset on it, and so far so good. Its working great (knock on wood). Now we have 2 kindles.. Guess I should start reading books now.
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+1 # Helke 2012-08-29 05:56
Hi! My kindle 3 got stuck on a screensaver for no reason in particular and will not move from there no matter what. Already tried every method of resetting using the switch, none worked. Opened it up and it doesn't have the reset button you mention in the picture. I found the screw right above the bar code was loose, but I put it back in with no results. The led turns orange when charging and green when turning on or off, but the screen does not change. Any idea what the problem might be?
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+2 # Tim 2012-09-01 19:19
Thanks for the posting this. One thing you might want to add is that you may need to leave the battery disconnected for an extended period of time. The first time I pulled the battery I only left it out for 2-3 minutes which did not help. The second time I pulled the battery I left it out for over 15 minutes and that got my Kindle going again.

Note: My original issue was the Kindle was COMPLETELY unresponsive. Not even the charging light would come on.
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0 # Bas 2012-09-14 11:26
Hi Tim,

Thank you for the suggestion. I update the article.
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0 # Amanda 2012-09-13 19:28
HI, my kindle had froze for awhile, but when i got it back on it opened to the front page and is frozen there with the bar going back and forth on screen rotation, and won't do anything else. Is there anything I can do?
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0 # Bas 2012-09-14 11:28
Hi Amanda,

The operation system probably froze at some point, but not completely. My guess is that removeing the battery for some time could help you solve your problem.

Please let us know if you got your Kindle working again!
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+1 # JB 2012-09-24 00:38
Hi, I just wanted to share my experience. My Kindle was frozen for about 2 weeks and I tried everything suggested here. I had a reset button inside, took the battery out, nothing worked. The charging light stayed orange or turned off when charging. After everything failed, I called Amazon customer service without much hope. They weren't able to solve my problem, but will replace my Kindle free of charge, even though it is out of waranty (2 years old). So I just wanted to let all you know that it might be worth calling them!
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+1 # Thank You 2012-10-12 14:46
Thanks so much! I did not have a reset button when I got inside of my Kindle but somehow, maybe the battery pulled worked. I did all the steps; put it back on the charge and this morning it works like normal!
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+1 # Shelby 2012-11-02 03:47
I have the same problem as everyone else except I dropped my kindle (cue major panic mode). Now the screen is frozen completely on one of the pages of a book I read. (Surprise, this happened with my last kindle too, except I didn't drop that one). I've tried a hard reset, which usually works when my kindle freezes. No response (and an increase in my panic). So I'm going to try the batt thing tonight (leaving it out all night to be sure), and if that doesn't work, then it's on to trying a software update, then contacting customer service (tried that before, not fuzzy -_-). Past experiences have shown customer service does not like me. Also, now when I shake my kindle like it's a present, I hear rattling. Loose screws! Much like myself… yay. I swear, technology hates me. Not a good thing for an aspiring programmer…
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0 # Aaron 2012-12-03 17:47
Thank you so much! I was stressing about the screen as I have already broken one kindle (My fault though, dropped it). I had an idea that it wasn't the screen because when I broke my other one it was sort of a cross hatch pattern. This was just a screensaver that had frozen. The reset button helped!
It was in a different place than what the picture specified. I have the international edition (Australian) so maybe the people who can't find it should look about a cm down and a cm to the left of that the picture showed!
Thanks again
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+1 # Chris Liversidge 2012-12-10 01:16
Hi My friend

Many thanks for your advice, I disconnected the battery waited for about 10 minutes, re connected, and hey presto it worked, many thanks again, users may be a bit daunted by taking the back of, its a clip on, work your way from the top corner pushing out and GENTLY push out the connectors and clips until the back is removed, remove the battery, wait about 10 minutes and reconnect, make sure the battery screws are re fastened otherwise it wont work, as it will be a bad connection.

Thanks again for great advice
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0 # Stephen 2012-12-16 14:00
I read your information and the subsequent posts and tried everything including leaving the battery out for an extended period of time, but did not have any success UNTIL I recharged the battery. When I saw the led go green, I checked the display and to my great surprise and relief it had finally changed!

The battery had been at full charge several weeks ago when my wife was unsuccessfully trying to bring her Kindle back to life by recharging it and playing with the slide switch. After I took the battery out, I checked it with a meter and it was at ~2.8V. Others who also did not experience immediate success may want to try fully recharging their batteries after they are re-connected.

Thanks to you and your commenters for the excellent advice!
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+1 # Marek 2013-01-03 11:58
Hi, thank you for your article, but apparently this has not helped fix my Kindle. I have left the battery apart for several weeks and I still have the same frozen image on the screen. My brother managed to activate the voice guide and could use the menu without problems so I conclude there must be a problem with the display. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? I vividly remember how this happened: I just wanted to move to another page and it suddendly froze. No physical damage at all. I cannot explain this....
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+2 # Mervyn 2013-01-03 23:29
Hi, a few months ago, I was reading my Kindle on a plane, when suddenly it just froze. It is still stuck on the page that I was reading at the time. I called customer service, and they told me that they could refurbish for $65, as I am out of warranty. I tried doing all of the resets to no avail. I have no reset button inside. I've held the power button for 15 seconds and for two minutes, yet I never get a green light to come on. I have taken the battery off for hours and still have no effect. This device was less than two years old and hadn't gotten a lot of use, until I recently started reading it. The battery was fully charged, before it froze. I've charged the battery overnight. Nothing seems to work. I would really appreciate a solution, as I was starting to get attached to my Kindle.
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-5 # Sidnei 2013-01-24 14:04
I've found this way:

That solved my problem even on kindle keyboard.
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0 # jbird 2013-03-24 17:09
SOLUTION !!! My Kindle screen was frozen on the home page. i tried doing all of the resets to no avail. I called Amazon and was instructed to attach the Kindle via usb to my computer. My laptop found the kindle device. The connection to the computer got the Kindle to reset after about 10 minutes. I then kept the Kindle USB plugged into the computer but ejected it from the laptop. So Try connecting your Kindle by USB to your computer. See if your computer finds the device connection. Then you may even restart your computer with the kindle still connected. If your computer finds your Kindle device they are speaking to each other. Within 10 - 15 minutes try reseting again or it may just do it on its own like mine did.
Good luck.
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+2 # Zoe 2013-04-13 10:48
I have opened my kindle to find there is no reset button? The words are there and a space as if one should be there but it's not there what can I do I've got a frozen screen :(
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0 # Madison Woods 2013-04-24 21:46
Thank you! I was in the middle of listening to a book and my screensaver came on but the switch wouldn't do anything to turn the kindle back on, yet it kept a green light the whole time. I used the reset instructions and it's back :) This is the model that reads out loud and I didn't want a new one, so I'm very thankful for your blog.
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0 # desiree 2013-05-29 20:44
How to I take the back off?
I really need my kindle :/
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+1 # Bas 2013-05-30 08:41
Hi Desiree,

The back cover comes off. There are multiple (kind of) clips that you can open with a small screw driver.

In another post I shared a youtube video of someone that shows how to open the kindle:
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+1 # Mai 2013-05-30 19:37
Hey, guys. I know this topic is a bit old already - but it seems like so many people got this problem.

Me and my boyfriend bought Kindles 1 1/2 years ago. Mine worked fine, until it suddenly froze and wouldn't do anything. I never had problems with it before and I also couldn't fix it.

Then I started to use my boyfriend's because he pitied me and - surprise - the same happened again.

The thing is, I can bring it to recharge after some time, but it will freeze on the exact same time. The bar stops after it loaded maybe 1/6 of it.

The light will turn orange when I charge it, sometimes it even reacts with turning green when I use the slide button. The computer won't recognize it, though.

It doesn't have a reset button but we will look further into that tomorrow. But I guess it's a software failure, because why would it freeze exactly on the same time?

But there's just no way I can update the software when I can't attach it to the PC, right? Anyone knows something about it?

(I have to say that I'm from Germany, so there might be differences between our kindle versions)
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0 # Bas 2013-05-31 09:44
Hi Mai,

Did you try to connect the kindle to a PC? In my case I had the same problem, but I could still connect to a PC and read/write files to the kindle.

It does look like a firmware problem, but I'm wondering if that is true. It will be hard to update the firmware if the display isn't working. Still, I'm guessing it is a hardware problem, not a firmware one.

There are some solutions in this comment-thread. You could buy a a kindle from ebay of contact amazon. Maybe they will have a solution. Mine broke within a year, so I received a new Kindle. The other option is to send your kindle to amazon and they will repair it by replacing the hardware.
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+2 # Som 2013-08-01 15:08
I have the same problem as Mia told..
Boy under the tree with progress bar ..

The change orange light turns off after a few seconds.. .but battery seems to be o.k

Did you update kindle keyboard I did with v3.4 a few days back ... after that this disaster

I think problem is with the update.
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+1 # Som 2013-08-02 08:41
Kindle keyboard stuck at boot screen and not charging.
I use KK often and consider it one of my best gadgets.
I was reading it with low charge. Suddenly it started indexing and got stuck while restarting.

1. Stuck at boot screen with progress bar at around 20% ( boy under a tree with progress bar)
2. It is not charging when connected to power outlet/laptop as orange light automatically turns off after a few seconds.When pulled out and replugged it again turns off after a few seconds.
(tried different charger and cable including the kindle adapter)
3. Tried hard booting 20 sec method several times without result
4. Boot screen(boy under a tree with progress bar) is consistent throughout (3 days) the time without restart or anything
5. Unable to explore in computer when plugged.

Some Points :

Battery may not be the problem as it was taking charge quite fast a few days back and holding it 4-6 weeks without problem

Power switch may be the problem as it seems to trip.

I have updated firmware to v3.4 a few weeks back – any glitches may be possible

Will anyone help me to:
1. Clear-up the boot screen to white screen
2. Explore it through computer
3. Factory reset ( Reset switch may be handy but not present )
4. Any way to drain out the battery completely

I dissembled it.

Some more points ...

After taking the battery from board charge light (orange) turns on off and on again as if searching for the battery.

When battery was inserted into the groove charge light turns off automatically.

I did not put on kindle back cover during troubleshoot.

Chatted with customer care offering me upgrade only not solution which I initially accepted but changed my mind.

We all need a stable solution from Amazon as this is a very common issue without solution.
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+1 # Yaron 2013-08-09 12:47
Hey everyone. Thank you so much for your help. My Kindle (fifth in number and the first i actually manged to recover) has fainally recovered. Thought of offering notes from the proccess.
My problem was simmilar to sam's, depicted above; a Kindle stuck during reboot, unable to connect to cpu...

I think the most importent note was Joe's regarding the need to empty out any left-over energy - after removal of the battery. But, the first few times i tried it just as described by Joe; placing the battery back, connecting to a cpu and hilding the button for 2 min - It didn't work. Luckly i had 2 more broken Kindles so i tried changeing the battery. In the last and seccesful try i just placed a battery in a drained Kindle and it just rebooted on its own.

Its hard to know what works and what is just random voodo. I get the sense that it works automatically. Just drain it and replace the battery. Good luck.
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+4 # trina 2013-08-25 13:31
I just reset my Kindle 3. Here's how. Remove the back, just above the power switch you will see the word "reset" witten on the green board. Just below the word are two raised mounds of solder. use a paper clip or something conductive to connect the mounds of solder briefly. The reset function still works, but for some reason the didn't install the button the 3. What you are doing by connecting the two solder points is completing the same circut the button would if it were there. I guess they wanted to take the power out of the hands of the consumer so you would send it in for repair?
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engkantosakanto Stupid Kindle! • 7 days ago −
Cool! this method reset my Kindle 3.
My kindle won't charge and got a blank frozen screen, the 30 second hold on the reset button won't fix it so i opened it as instructed above or do a search on youtube on how to open your kindle.
Took me a lot of trial and error to find that raised mounds of solder. the solder can be found right above the reset switch not right below the 'reset' word. see attached photo.

As mentioned above, you have to connect the solders with any conductor. keep connecting until the green light in the reset button or until the kindle screen flickers and you see the loading page.

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Bjolin • 2 years ago
Thanks for the help. Actually had to do the reset on mine to get it going again. If you have an earlier version of the Kindle (which I do), the reset button is on the bottom next to charging port.
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+1 # peter 2013-09-16 12:59
did a lot a above, and then went through computer, looks like its working again. thanks all.
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+1 # jaack 2013-10-20 10:39
After a drop of about 6" my Kindle froze on story page. Tried Power key hold; ALT+SHT+R; no help no change.
Popped case, disconnected battery;left out overnight. NO CHANGE on screen! , nothing changes screen. No key works except power slide sw. turns on light to green, then blinks a few times still holding power slider light goes out but nothing changes. Any ideas from anyone???
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0 # Tim 2013-10-20 15:49
The type of technology the screen uses only requires power to change the screen. It takes zero power to maintain what is on the screen. This is why the battery last so long.

Have you checked the cable from the screen to the Kindle? Even if it looks plugged in, I would unplug it and plug it back in.
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